Saturday, March 24, 2012

SU-UTI disolution, ITC, Axis bank, Larsen and tubro.

                       Yesterday government had announced for Specified Undertaking of The Unit Trust of India (SU-UTI) is to be dissolved to create an asset manager. Government have facing problem of disinvestment in PSU in last fiscal year. Government have target of 40,000 crore and reality government can raise 15000 crore through Oil and Natural Gas Corporation limited (ONGC). But this divestment was not much successful. This divestment had taken by insurance company about 98%. Life Insurance Corporation Limited (LIC) had taken all this shares of government. Government is facing fiscal deficit due to this problem. There are more companies for disinvestment. There are companies like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Oil India, Steal Authority of India (SAIL), etc. But from ONGC government had learned something. Government are now want to play safer.
                      Government have another plan for raise money and discussed many times is Government holding through SU-UTI in companies. This is safest rout for government to raise money. Government holding in three major companies through this skim. That companies are not PSU companies but there is not person or owner of this company. All three are major companies. That companies are ITC limited, Axis bank, Larsen and Tubro limited. Its assets include stakes in Axis Bank (23.58%), ITC (11.54%) and Larsen &Toubro (8.27%), totaling `38,046 crore in value. This money is separating government and using for purchase of this stake from government. It means this money will go to government. This is way of raising money and reducing fiscal deficit. On either side government facing problem due to political conditions. State election had given negative signal for government. Now fiscal deficit again become cause for monetary tightening. This is another round for inflation and government again face problem due to inflation. Other site is slowing of growth is concern for government. Growth is slowing due to interest rate hike. Interest rate hike done for inflation control. Again rate cut for growth is invitation for inflation. Reserve Bank of India is blaming on fiscal deficit for inflation. Overall government of India want to come out of all this and this decision is one part of this step toward relief from this situation. All this will impact on companies ITC, Axis bank, L&T. All money this companies have short fall will raised from retail investor. How this gap become headache for this companies. What is impact of this decision  on this companies in future will come to know in future days.

Friday, March 23, 2012

How system of counting and numbers evolved?

                    This is article where we discuss counting system and numbers. I have discussing here system evolution. How should be this system evolved. Any one can imagine this by simple thinking. Just start with thing and discussing.
                    When there was number system. How people are counting. Let me discuss. When there was not counting. They are not know what are numbers. One person have goat. He daily goes to goat house and take out all goats and again take in all goat evening. What he do to remember all goat are rest or lost any one. He had bag of stones contain stones. He just take out goat and take out stone from bag to empty bag. This is way of counting. When all goats are out then all stones are put in new bag. He don't know how many goat and what this number is? There is next evolution to this happened. If there are very few goats then it is easy to take care of stones. But when there are many stones there is another idea come in front. 
                   New idea was Group of stones. But what should be group. This new idea will be as follows. When he takes out goat then he raise finger. This way he can raise ten fingers. This is common to all human being. So this is taken as standard and all groups are considered. What happened now? He take a stone for all fingers. This way he have to carry very small number of stones for higher number of goats. This is way of decimal system we study in mathematics. Further there is again problem when counting high figure and again this stones also need of grouping and this is evolution of counting system. 
                   If someone now take base as two then there is also possible to count. This system is known as binary system in computer language. Same way octal and hexadecimal system is evolved. There are bases instead of ten changed to two, eight, sixteen. This is what I thought and anyone can thought in this way and understand by easy way this complicated system.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bharat heavy electricals limited

Today is again BHEL. This is fundamentally very strong PSU comapany and trading now on 270 level. This stock have very good support at 260 level. This will move higher level of 300 and above in coming days. This stock consolidated 260 level for very long period. This is very good supply level for this stock.
Other interesting things about stock.
  • This is very good for going long for investors.
  • This stock is volatile and very interesting for traders also.
  • This is blue chip stock.
  • This stock have 52 week high level 450.
  • This stock is at lower level of 223 in recent past and taken support in bear market.
  • This is also interesting to know that this had disinvestment list for this fiscal year.
  • Many broker had given bearish signal for this stock last month but this stock had jumped and touched 325 level. 
  • This is second leg of this pattern and stock will again jump from this level to 300 plus level.
  • Brokers had given bearish opinion on stock now also.
  • Technically spoken stock had doji pattern on candlestick yesterday and  this is reversal signal.
  • Doji singnal of yesterday had given conformation today.
  • BHEL had closed 270 level today is conformation of bull signal.
  • If tomorrow this stock jump above 276 level then this will definitely cross 300 level.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What are types of Diabetes?

Diabetes is most common disease among all nations. This disease is not caused by any infection and organism. This is caused mainly by changes in basic function and hormonal changes in our body. This is mainly due to changes in sugar metabolism in our body. Insulin is hormone responsible for proper metabolism of sugar in our body. There is tow types based upon insulin availability and insulin resistance in our body. This is very short discussion on this topic and more deep discussion is possible but I here only discuss two main types of disease and their pathology. Insulin is secreted by pancreas and beta cells in Islet of Langerhans in pancreas. if there is no secretion then there is 
sugar metabolic problem. Lets come to the point and discuss two types of Diabetes. 
  1. IDDM-  Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. This is also called as type 1 diabetes. This is caused due to deficiency in secretion of insulin hormone in body by pancreas. There is no secretion of insulin at all. Due to this sugar is not metabolized in our body and this is condition of diabetes. There is insulin in only option for treatment.
  2. NIDDM - Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. This is also called as type 2 diabetes. This is caused due to insulin resistance in our body. This disease is caused by barrier in consuming this hormone. This is treated by some drugs that reduces resistance. insulin is produced in body but not consumed is condition for this type. There should be brief discussion related to symptoms and management and drug related but we here just discussed about what are main types and what is basis of this type and what is brief story behind this type.

Friday, March 16, 2012

How nifty stocks moved today?

Today is very crucial day for Indian market. Union budget is announced today by finance minister of India in parliament today. Market reacted today negatively on budget announcement. Nifty closed 62 points down 5317. Market have very less expectation from budget. But today market lackluster by disappoint in budget announcement.
Stock specific performance of nifty.
  • ITC is one stock have good session today. This stock have not very good news from budget but stock moved 3 to 4 % higher. hike in cigarate  tax but stock moved high. there is opinion that stock have valuation of about 10 % tax but tax is now 15%. Stock closed 216 odd level and touched high of 225 intraday. 
  • Mahindra and Mahindra is another stock that moved higher and have good session. There is pressure on stock due to tax hike in vehicle of diesel engine. This stock is performed well when market was lower level and when market is corrected then this stock moved lower. 
  • Sun Pharma is stock  of disappointment due to news of joint business. This stock is lower by 6 to 7 percent.
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is PSU company in oil and gas sector have also disappointment and lower by 5 odd percent. This is disappointment in subsidy matter.
  • Banking sector is lower due to fiscal deficit of 5.1 per cent  and this is another trigger for credit policy announcement by central bank.
This is possible to talk on single stock in a day and write blog here . I write one blog  daily on movement of market and moving stocks and currency . 
I will try to write on every market day if possible here on Indian market. one can like this then can post comment on blog there. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How market is bounced today?

Today is day of metals . All metal stock jumped today for higher level. JSW steel, Tata steel, Sterlite Industries , Hindalco are bounced today and this is good movement by metal counters today.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

market report

Nifty  on Friday had  taken support 5170 level which is 200 DMA and market swing with more than 100 points gain. This is start of bull market again.Which ended at 5600 last moth. Stock specific Tata stell and JSW steel are winner of the day. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

market today

This todays day with some losses increased. half percent down  5339 is todays close on nifty 45 points down.
we now come to some market driver stock on discuss shortly..
  1. DLF is today big loser on largecap site. This reality stock lose ground on news that Veritas Financials  announced that there is huge financial mis discipline and driven stock down about 4 to 6 percent. 
  2. Maruti Suzuki is todays winner. Auto sale report of February12 announced today and this is great news for Maruti Suzuki. Maruti stock increased about 4 odd percent. 
  3. Mahindra and Mahandra is disappointed today in sales report. This is top loser on large cap stocks.
  4. BHEL and Larsen & Tubro is another capital goods space have seen profit booking today. both stock loosed about 2 to 3 percent.
  5. Banks are also today down . Axis bank is most in all 3 percent down in today's trade.